Why People Don’t Vote

Why People Don’t Vote

Most people do not vote because they do not know the political jobs that are up for election, the people who are seeking election for these jobs, or (and most often) both. Please consider this a brief introduction of important contested races to learn from and share with others to perhaps encourage you and them to vote in Ulster County by this November 5th.

WHAT: COUNTY EXECUTIVE: This person represents the executive branch or primary administrator of the county (think President on the national level, governor on the state level)

WHO: Pat Ryan vs. Jack Hayes

WHAT: COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY (DA): This person investigates alleged crimes with law enforcement and files criminal charges. Victim services are also under the DA

WHO: David Clegg vs. Mike Kavanagh

WHAT: COUNTY COMPTROLLER: This person is the chief financial officer for the county. The Comptroller works with the legislature and executive to create strategic plans to balance fiscal and social responsibility for the county.

WHO: March Gallagher vs. Lisa Cutten

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